BrainWays links

Please use these BrainWays links for audio/video demonstrations of some of the techniques and explanations of programs used in Brain Ways.

At Brain Ways, learners are always stimulating their vestibular for whatever processing we may be working on at the moment.  These are links to people, my mentors, people with whom I studied:

Dr. Frank Belgau, The Learning Breakthrough Program:

Drs. Mary and Robert Meeker, Structure of Intellect:  also known as SOI Systems:

Brendan O’Hara Primitive and Postural Reflexes:

Vickie Bockenkamp, Power Tools For Learning:

Dr. Paul Dennison, Brain Gym And Edu-K:

Dr. Maureen Powers, Gemstone Foundation,

Integrated Listening Systems:

Vision Therapy on the rebounder and using other aids: